European Cooperation Project that unites 5 partners in 5 countries

Dance with Live Music for Children especially those who are hard to reach in UK, Finland, Romania, Italy and Turkey

A new creative project in which musicians and dancers work and play with disadvantaged and disenfranchised children and young people in Europe, using non-verbal art forms to celebrate and share things that we have in common.


In professional Artist Laboratories, members of the international core team from Italy, Finland, UK, Romania and Turkey work with local artists and children to explore links between HipHop, Tango, Tarantella and other forms that have grown from the street.

Outputs from these laboratories include:


“Mmm…” (Mischievous Musical Moments)

A new dance theatre performance with live music for children created in

Naples by artists from TR, RO, FI, UK and IT, premièred at Teatro dei Piccoli,

Napoli in July 2017

Contemporary tango duets by Finnish dancers with live music from young

musicians from our Turkish partner, BTMuzikEvi

Workshops and performances with Syrian refugee children in the Turkish

border townsMardin, Kiziltepe, Urfa

Classical Music and Breakdance with children affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire,

400 metres from Flying Gorillas' London base


Digital Breakdance Battle with young people with few opportunities in Naples,

connecting with young people in London and Transyvania via Skype


hundreds of workshops with children and young people and a handbook




The Flying Gorillas, UK



Le Nuvole, Naples, IT

BTMusikEvi, Istanbul, TR

Culture Co-operative Kokemo/Tangotheatre Kiukkaarainen, Helsinki, FI

Philadelphia Foundation Transylvania, RO


Supported by Creative Europe 2016-1788, the UK National Lottery, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the Finnish Ministry of Culture, HAMM, Hürriyet Istanbul, Naplo Bihor and Teatro dei Piccoli

Kokemo (Tango Kiukaarainen),



Kokemo is a Helsinki, in August 2012, established the performing arts fields acting ensemble, whose members are united by the desire and the conditions of the cross-artistic making. Kokemon presentation function can be roughly divided into two parts. On the one hand kokemon will show-off works of art and music events, club nights and corporate events. On the other hand the group creates theatrical productions presented.

Fundatia Philadelphia Transsylvania, Valea Lui Mihai,


Organisation and provision of children’s camps over a number of years since the collapse of communism.  Done with the assistance of overseas charitable foundations of Germany, Holland, England. This is a work which requires tolerance, sympathy and discretion amongst many groups. We are living in a multicultural environment amongst people with many different needs.

Philadelphia House is used for many different purposes as the need arises: language courses, IT courses, arts courses, projects with children and young people especially those who have reduced access to education, training and art.

We run outreach programmes in the area with members of all local communities including travellers and Roma and have established an internet café, linked to the Hungarian telecottage network. This programme will enable us to extend the programme to vulnerable members of the Romanian, Hungarian and Roma communities, using the arts to create solidarity.




BT Muzik Evi is a after-school performing arts center. It provides private lessons for young people to develop their understand of the the performing arts. Its philosophy is to make music and arts part of every day life and establish it as a fundamental foundation in the lives of children. BT MusikEvi has a lively outreach programme involving recent refugees and street children including an exchange programme with Kurdish orphans from Diyabakir. This enables young Kurds to experience cosmopolitan life in Istanbul while raising awareness and understanding of Kurdish issues among Istanbul children and professionals. Through this project the center will develop cross artform activities with children and young people in Istanbul and Eskisehir.

Le Nuvole,



Since 1985 Le Nuvole, a permanent youth theatre of innovation and centre of high culture for the young public in Campania Region, produces theatre plays, organizes manifestations and events for the young generation. The theatrical activities are merging with activities of spread and distribution of science in the Science Centre “Città della Scienza” at Naples and with activities of theatre-art in the main art and archaeological museums at Naples and in Campania.

Our main activities: Production of children and youth theatre and scientific and artistic theatre, organization of theatre schools, training and animation courses and spread of science, planning of didactic activities and museum events for youths, organization of conventions, conferences, workshops and seminars, management of guided tours, didactic activities and creative workshops, management of the flow of visitors in museum areas, exhibitions and events, organization of activities in hospitals and with handicapped persons.

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