Solidarity in Times of Crisis 2018-2020




A wonderful, innovative programme of non-formal learning in six countries,

involving youth workers, arts professionals and young people facing adversity

including Roma, refugees and people affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster.

A series of multilateral conferences, workshops, performances and meetings includes:

·     Young Roma in Transylvania, Romania

·     Young People affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire in Notting Hill, London, UK

·     Young refugees in Lampedusa and Palermo, Sicily

·     Young refugees and people with learning disabilities in Ponary, Lithuania

·     Young people in rural Kerala, South India


·     Prize winning young classical musicians from across the EU


The workshops and performances explore connexions between

Breakdance and Classical Music for presentation in large scale youth events,

with International Digital Dance-offs live streamed on YouTube

Competition winning young classical musicians selected from EU nations work with Hip Hop artists, composers and choreographers in London, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Romania and Lithuania in preparation for work with children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in each of the six partner countries. They will be digitally connected for competitive performance battles using Breakdance and/or local street dance and martial arts forms

COMING SOON: Open Educational Resource

As well as YouTube and website documentation, a concrete output will be a handbook in 9 EU languages plus Arabic and Malayalam describing techniques, philosophy and experiences with practical advice on how to start up, run and sustain youth arts projects that do not rely on language.  The handbook will have a Clean Ecological Footprint, without consuming resources or producing waste. 


This innovative new project inspires young people to get involved with their local communities and find out about other EU and global communities, while celebrating children and minorities’ creativity and rights to inclusion. It will provide a powerful, highly visible celebration of EU values to people in the UK, at this crucial moment while there is still time to reverse the terrible decision of Brexit. 

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